Catering for all dietary needs.

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Our Food

The topic of food is one that is talked about often. Food is important to us all and especially so if you live in a care home environment, it is a time when the residents gather together and socialise, although we encourage residents to visit the dining room at least once a day, we are happy to serve meals in residents rooms.

We have two chefs at Fairlawn, supported by kitchen helpers and tea and breakfast assistants. Catering is extremely important to us as our roles as providers of care, we take it very seriously ensuring dietary needs are met. The food needs to be nutritious for health but appealing to the eye.

During our resident’s meetings, we ask for reasonable ideas for different dishes to enable the residents to have input when creating the menus.

We also enjoy some delicious buffets and barbecues when putting on one of our social events, families and friends are invited and all are welcome.